Simeon Stafford

We are delighted to offer the widest available selection of works by Cornwall's Lowry. Each work as been carefully selected as one of Stafford's best. Simeon Stafford's distinctive style has made him one of the UKs most recognised artists. 


Stafford was much encouraged personally by Lowry and manages to produce works at once child-like, but also with a wonderful wit, a quick brushstroke and a clear and strong composition. His works are a joy to live with and are collected by H.M. The Queen and Tony Blair among many other major collectors.  


He was born in 1956 near Manchester amid the gritty landscape of the industrial north, and while sharing a simple perspective, stylized figures and densely populated scenes with Lowry, his style is very much his own. In contrast to Lowry's more static technique, a point in time, Stafford's paintings are filled with movement and much brighter colours.


Stafford moved to Cornwall in 1996, where his northern roots became fused with the influence of colour and light unique to the lively coastal landscape of the West. Here he met Terry Frost and Patrick Heron whose work had a material influence on him.


Characters and the buzz of humanity are central to his works, and many of his paintings feature individuals from his own life and family, including Auntie Dot, and Trixie the family Jack Russell who lived until she was 28.


Stafford continues to have successful exhibitions throughout the U.K and has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and at major London and regional galleries. His works appear materially undervalued.